9:00 a.m - 10:00 a.m.

​5:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m.

Monday to Saturday

6 Weeks to 15 months

Class Description:

​In a nurturing family orientated Language and Literacy  class, infants will enhance their hearing, visual, and fine-motor strength coordination, with songs, stories, and puppet shows infants will learn to express  through different sound levels.

In additions our infant/toddler sign language class will emerge communication and cognitive development. Studies show the ability to communicate in sign language reduces tantrums and improves parent-child relationships. 

To support infant/toddler emotional development we encourage family involvement (Not Required).


15 Weeks to 36months
​Class Description:

Our dedicated and loving staff will introduce toddlers and two’s to the world of Language and Literacy with stories, songs, puppet shows, movements, memory games, and group activities. Language and Literacy  exploration will encourage self expression through different sounds, words, sign language and emotions.


3 to 5 Years Old

Class Description:


Offering a learning advantage with a bilingual curriculum that incorporates the Spanish language naturally with stories, songs, memory games, instruments, literacy, puppet shows, and imaginative play. Language and Literacy activities will enhance cognitive, social emotional and physical development. 

6 to 12 Years old

​Class Description:

Our School-Age teachers encourage advance age appropriate Language and Literacy activities motivating them to participate in  individual and group activities to support schoolers cognitive, physical, self expression skills. 


Developmental Domains and Objectives


  • Positive approach to learning

  • Remembering and connecting experiences


  • Regulating emotions and behaviors

  • Establishes and sustains positive relationships

  • Cooperatively and constructively participating in group situations


  • Demonstration of fine-motor strength and coordination by using fingers and hand using writing and drawing tools



  • Comprehension

  • Communication Skills


Language Acquisition:

  • Demonstrates Spanish language comprehension

  • Demonstrates progress in speaking Spanish



  • Alphabetical knowledge

  • Knowledge of print and it’s uses

  • Books responds and comprehension